Minecraft Survival worlds

I've had many survival worlds over the years and they've gone from being very crappy to quite good. These are screenshots of all the worlds I could get to load that have something intersting in them.

survival 01
My first survival world in Minecraft pocket edition from 2012. As you can see, I have the classic noob house, a dirt rectangular prism with a door. There are cobblestone pillars everywhere because I always used to kill myself when I was low on health because I killed all the animals in my world when I first started and it took months for them to respawn so I couldn't regenarate.

survival 02
I spent a lot of time in this world mining, not so much because I wanted resources but because I liked looking at the ores and seeing what different types I could find. I eventually went back and mined all the ores exept redstone because you couldn't do anything with it.

survival 03
This is a slightly better minecraft pe survival world. My house is no longer made of dirt and I was able to get a world with lava. (Lava used to be really rare in pocket edition. Once I spent an entire lunch time at school creating new worlds just trying to find lava). Also I have the nether core reactor thing in the corner.

survival 04
This is a world I made with my brothers on multiplayer. It has a mob farm that actually works quite well.

survival 05
I trolled my brother by putting signs all over his house. There are also signs on the other sides of his house and inside his house.

survival 06
Now I'll show you the PC survival worlds. In my first PC survival world I lived in a cave then when exploring and found the same pyramid five times. It's not very interesting so I won't show that one. This the first survival world I had on my old laptop. I started this world in April 2013.

survival 07
I started my next survival world in June 2013 and this one is actually quite good. I had a lot of bases and this is my first one.

survival 08
This is my second base. I took a lot of the blocks and blew some of it up when I left.

survival 09
There was an enderman who kept teleporting into my house. I decided he was my friend after he left me a grass block and I named him Razgriz.

survival 10
This is another base I had for a while. Its a tree house with some mob farms that didn't work very well.

survival 11
I decied I wanted to build a town on the ocean so I moved here. I built some farms, an ocelot enclosure, some shops and that pyramid roof building is a muesuem. I decided to keep the stone brick octagonal prism house for some reason.

survival 12
This is where my bases start to get quite good. I dug a big hole in the jungle and then added lots of rooms. I won't show all the rooms here but if you want to see more detail watch this video -

survival 13
My dragon egg.

survival 14
A river. A lot of my bases have rivers.

survival 15
This is another version of this world where I had the Mo creatures mod. I added some more things to the bottom level.

survival 16
Some flowers and farms and stuff.

survival 17
I built an encolusure for my endermen. I had one called Razgriz and one called Endie but I think these are both Razgriz because he cloned himself somehow.

survival 17
I had a lot of modded survival worlds. A lot of them wouldn't load but most of them aren't that interesting so it doesn't matter. This was a modded world but I could only get it to load in vanilla minecraft so all the blocks are wrong. It should have biomes o plenty and that dome should be made of orange cobblestone and have some trees and iron golems around it.

survival 19
This is a screenshot I took of inside the house when I was playing the world originally.

survival 20
This is another new unmodded world and yes, I know its a total rip off of EthosLab's man cave. I just thought it looked cool and I wanted to build something similar.

survival 21
This is a piston elevator that doesn't seem to work anymore and a stained glass window.

survival 22
The river.

survival 23
Clay village that I never finsihed.

survival 24
This is the best base I have ever built. Its in the same world as the cave one. Sadly I'm an idiot and I lost the most recent version of this world so its missing some things.

survival 25
The first level. It has an automatic potato farm, automatic pumpkin and melon farms, storage room, horse stables, enchantment room, nether portal, vine farm and a pond.

survival 26
The second level. It has some houses with villagers trapped in them that I can trade with, an automatic carrot farm, a furnace room and a fancy piston door that leads to no where.

survival 27
The thrid level. This level is quite unfinished. It has a wool farm and there was supossed to be dispensers with every types of dye, which I think I did build, but obviously I hadn't built it yet in this version of the world.

survival 28
The fourth level just has a beacon, a mod farm and some slime block launchers. I did make the area bigger and decorate the walls with prismarine and diorite and I also built a muchroom farm and a gaint automatic pumpkin farm that made this place look much cooler, but I lost the world. I think that the world started lagging terribly and I got really mad and in my rage I accidentally deleted the world.

survival 29
Yay, I found a screenshot of an area of the world that was tragiclly deleted. This is my enderman sancturary and its a cave with lots of blocks that endermen can pick up. The three endermen pictured here are Razgriz, Endie and Dinnerbone.

survival 30
The stone enderman statue overlooking a peaceful lake.

survival 31
This is my last survival world and I had some mods to add planes and stuff. I was building a fortress but I never finsihed it, mostly because it got corrupted almost every day for some reason.

survival 32
A razgriz F-14. I was so exited when I realised that MChelicopters had Ace Combat planes.

survival 33
I used the custom NPCs mod to make an NPC that would dicuss Minecraft version history. I was really obsessed with Minecraft version history, I used to be able to list all the Minecraft versions and I'd do this at random times. Sadly it seemed to annoy people so I tried making this NPC. Then I got bored because they never said anything I didn't know.

survival 34
I had these enderman soldiers protecting my base. They sern't very loyal though, sometimes they would start shooting me if I annoyed them.

survival 35
I decided to go for a nice relaxing flight in my plane.

survival 36
...that didn't end well.