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Hydrocity Zone

Hydrocity 01
A loop.

Hydrocity 02
The entrance to the zone

Hydrocity 03
The beginning of the zone.

Hydrocity 04
One of those blue spiral things.

Hydrocity 05
Lighting errors EVERYWHERE. It's very annoying. Lighting errors arn't too bad normally but when you have a big world like this they really suck. Grr.

Hydrocity 06
A bridge.

Hydrocity 07
Shaders mod.

Hydrocity 08
Nice water.

Hydrocity 09
A bridge for transporting water.

Hydrocity 10
I realised that this is a much more efficent way to flood an area with water than flooding each layer individually. Instead you can just place altentating rows of water and blocks, then replace each of the blocks with water. It does mean that the blocks below aren't source blocks and it is difficult to swim but than shouldn't be a problem.

Hydrocity 11
An area with canals and stuff.

Hydrocity 12
I've decided to destory this area because I don't really like how it looks and I have a much better idea for what to build here. I might also have to destroy the first bridge I built which is annoying because I liked that bridge. Grr.

Hydrocity 13
The new area I have been working on. I like how it's turning out.

Hydrocity 14
I'm not sure if I like this area better with or without shaders. The shaders give it nice lighting and stuff but it also makes the blocks appear more pink than purple and I think the purple looks better.

Hydrocity 15
A tunnel.

Hydrocity 16
Now I'm starting to think that I should change the colour of the walls. Its doesn't make much sense for them to be made of the blue underwater blocks when the background is purple in the game. Grr, it seems like I rebuild everything in this project at least once. I should really plan it better.

Hydrocity 17
I like how the walls looks now. Much better.

Hydrocity 18
A wall with some waterfalls.

Hydrocity 19
Finished the wall.

Hydrocity 20
I added some more stuff to the beginning of the zone. Now I'm really bored of hydrocity zone. I was trying to do the zones in order so I could upload videos of them faster but I've been working on Hydrocity for months and there still loads of space I need to build in and I havn't even started the underwater areas. I'm going to work on marble garden zone.