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Angel Island Zone

Angel Island 01
Early plans for the zone. The water fall in the far right is where the boss fight takes place.

Angel Island 02
Added a river, some palm trees and loops.

Angel Island 03
Some spikey platforms and the boss fight area again.

Angel Island 04
Another waterfall.

Angel Island 05
A hill with flowers, palm trees and waterfalls. Even though there would usually only be the blue flowers and tall red flowers in Angel Island zone, I also added the flowers from Emerald Hill and Hill Top zone in Sonic 2.

Angel Island 06
The edge of the zone has a lot of bushes and some waterfalls.

Angel Island 07
A view of the island with some tall trees. Some of the trees look like they are floating because I hadn't built the roots yet in this picture.

Angel Island 08
Testing the shaders mod.

Angel Island 09
A lake and some trees and stuff.

Angel Island 10
A river. I made the waterfall by melting ice.

Angel Island 11
The trees you pass just before the boss fight.

Angel Island 12
The same area at night. I like to put glowstone in the tree as it gives a nice lighting effect.

Angel Island 13
I decieded to make this cliff look more interesting.

Angel Island 14
Added a river and more detail.

Angel Island 15

Angel Island 16
The beach area near the begining of the zone.

Angel Island 17
Some trees and a river between Angel Island zone and Sandopolis zone.

Angel Island 18
A path near the begining of the zone.